I’m primarily an amateur artist, although I have sold some photography from a stock site, and the occasional framed print at exhibition. For many years I was interested in nature and landscape photography, and more recently making similar images using computer graphics.

The most exciting CG work is coming from the entertainment industry. I’m not interested in working on movies or games, but would like to create quality still images in the style of ‘could be real’. CG landscape painting perhaps. However I really like that game environments always have a sense of ‘something could happen here’ which a landscape painting does not necessarily have.

I started 3D modelling with Blender, and have since used Rhino and had a look at Maya. I’m currently using ZBrush for sculpting, and Vue for scene creation and rendering. I also use The Plant Factory, Photoscan, xNormal, and hope to be adding Substance Designer and Painter to my toolset shortly. Of course as a photographer I have been using Photoshop for many years.

I have no formal training in art, but have made heavy use of online sites such as CGSociety, The Gnomon Workshop, CGCookie, Lynda, and more recently CGMasterAcademy (through their partnership with CGSociety). I’m currently looking forward to doing a courseĀ in Environment Art with Andres Rodriguez of Naughty Dog.